Transcend Valuation professionals have prepared research, best practices, and opinions on a wide-range of valuation topics and been quoted in national publications. Below is a listing of many of our publishing activities.

"Intellectual Property Valuation Case Law Compendium", Business Valuation Resources

"Assets Acquired to Be Used in Research and Development Activities", AICPA Accounting and Valuation Guide

"Deferred Revenue Valuation in the IT Industry", Business Valuation Update

"Overview and Implications of a Qualitative Assessment for Goodwill Impairment", Business Valuation Update

"U.S. GAAP Requirements Related to IP: Considerations for the Licensing Professional", LES Insights

"A Critique to the Proposed Accounting Standards Update to Topic 350", Business Valuation Update

"Acquired IP: Due Diligence, Compliance with U.S. GAAP, and Considerations for IP Litigation", Executive Counsel

"The Role of FAS 141 Valuations in IP Litigation", Business Valuation Update

"Uniloc v. Microsoft: Lessons Outside of the Courtroom", Business Valuation Update

"Intellectual Property Valuation Under U.S. GAAP and the Impact on Intellectual Property Litigation", AIPLA Quarterly Journal

"Control Premiums: Application and Analysis", Control Premiums: Application & Analysis – A BVR Special Report

"Navigating the SEC Comment Letter Database", Business Valuation Update

"Valuing Earnouts in Uncertain Times", CPA Expert

"Control Premiums: Application and Analysis", Business Valuation Update

"Valuing Earnouts in Uncertain Times: an Overview of FAS 141R Requirements", Business Valuation Update

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